Blurbs about The Oddity

“Those of us who have looked to V. B. Price over the years to tell us something important about the world—through his poetry and journalism—can now turn to this magnificent first novel for more riches. He writes with insight and compassion, and a profound sense of how a place works its magic, for good or ill, on those who inhabit it.”

Demetria Martinez
Author of Mother Tongue and Breathing Between the Lines: Poems


The Oddity is an intense, rich whirlpool of a book, darkly circling the central mystery of its protagonist's boyhood: the terrible betrayal and destruction of his beloved mentor by her friends and neighbors. The sense of intelligent, sensitive, and neurotic individuals locked together for years in a shifting tangle of love and loathing is immediate and shocking; you can hear these characters talking and thinking their way through events of relentless ambiguity and inescapable impact . . . The climax of their faught relationships encapsulates the crazy national politics of the McCarthy witch hunt, showing just how the personal and the political interpenetrate. In the fate and the lasting influence of poor, ruined Hanna, the author convincingly depicts what a modern saint might be, how such saints are made, and by whom.”

Suzy M. Charnas
Author of The Vampire Tapestry


The Oddity is a richly realized work of historical imagination and literary vision, unflinching and compassionate. Price has given us a painfully alive, heart-opening book.”

Virginia Swift
Author of Bad Company


The Oddity is that most unusual of books—a gripping drama which holds within its pages a rare depth of insight into the human mind and and the dark forces that drive it. This is a powerful, carefully constructed work, crafted with a poet's meticulous and sparing use of language and a novelist's sense of excitement and continuity.”

Francis Roe
Author of The Surgeon and other books