Christmas 2004



Contraptions of the mind…
…Lady Philosophy says,
despair, dear children
is only folly’s option…
nobody’s pain is solved
without the wisdom
of intoxication…the play’s the thing…
open the curtains
…Baachus is so certain
he’s the only consolation…let’s not be too serious
…joy, it’s so
mysterious; here’s to a Christmas-morning life,
if you can tip
your inner sight
up to the light in your head just right; Exuberance
is beauty…inn-o-cent
merri-ment all the way…

…deepening peace in the jailhouse night
tossing our torments down the drain
…the fury we suffer, skinned of the truth,
boned to a lie, give it up, she says,
it’s snowing outside…Oooh, it’s sooo
confusing, soooo amusing, swimming in lava,
Jack Frost nipping at your nose…
kindness is a property of atoms,
so are love, trees, pain, and stars…
junk the grand plans; help the old man
clean the snow off his car,
never say no to a stranger
looking for light in his head,
and yours…

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