The High Alone from Broken and Reset: Selected Poems 1966-2006

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Adventures begin.
What is
is perfectly what is.
Nothing can ever go wrong.
requires standards
outside what is.
And there is
outside what is.
It is all and nothing;
that’s the gift
of freedom in its purity.
Fear alone makes the difference,
draws the line
across the universe --
fear the great savior
with so little to do,
it just keeps running
and running,
winding and winding, until
it snaps
with a fatal lash
across our tenderness.
But even it
isn’t wrong.
Even the idea of wrong
isn’t wrong.
So, what is?
Are we wrong-headed
seeing wrong
in what displeases us,
or wants to eat us?
What’s to be done?
Just begin.

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© 2006 V.B. Price