The High Alone from Broken and Reset: Selected Poems 1966-2006

Read by V.B. Price listen


Beginning is always.
Who you were
is not
who you are, anymore than you are
your name,
your aches and pains,
your failures,
your grand accolades.
As beginning is
forever, all ending
is a crease in the carpet,
bunched up time,
messed matter settling,
always leveling
and rolling up
greater than
What matters
is starting, always,
always again
the fathomless chance
to get it right,
to follow the cracked leaves, bent twigs,
flutters of red string
through the forest,
zeroing in
on beginning
as it flows always
toward its freedom, always
with you and without you,
beyond hope, beyond virtue,
beyond reward.

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© 2006 V.B. Price